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Kenya Garçon:
A Top
CDG Pro of the Year


Expect Great Changes

Kenya Garcon, the right one for the job! 

I stand before you today as a proud member of the Legendary International House of Garcon, and as a nominee for the CDG Pro of the year award. I would like to take a moment to congratulate my fellow nominees, who have all made incredible contributions to our community and the industry at large. It is an honor to be in the company of such talented and dedicated individuals.

As we all know, the House of Garcon has a long and storied history of fighting for its members and promoting our values in various spaces. We have worked tirelessly to connect our members to valuable resources, support them in their endeavors, and ensure that our voices are heard in the halls of power. This commitment to our community is something that I take very seriously, and I am proud to have been a part of it for many years.

That is why I am asking for your vote today. As CDG Pro of the year, I will continue to fight for our community, promote our values, and ensure that our members have access to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed. I will work tirelessly to connect members to valuable networks and provide them with the support they need to achieve their goals.

But I cannot do this alone. Your vote is important, and I ask that you join me in this fight. Together, we can continue to build a strong and vibrant community that supports and uplifts all of its members.


123 Garcon Blvd

Thanks for submitting!

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